Homeowner Inspection Request

Innova Termite provides the finest quality inspection services. As required by law, each inspection comes with a report of findings. Our reports include bids for the work our company can perform along with high quality photographs. Please understand that because of our quality standards, Innova Termite does not perform any free of charge inspections.

Limited Inspections $50

Limited inspections are best for homeowners with a specific concern. For example, you’re seeing little holes in your walls with piles of debris below or flying insects after a rainstorm. In these cases, we will take a look at your areas of concern and provide you with a limited report with a quote for remediation. This is NOT a full home inspection and generally take less than thirty minutes. Innova Termite charges $50 for these inspections. Our fee can be credited toward work you contract through our company. Please use the button below to request an inspection.

Limited Inspection Request

Complete Inspections

Complete inspections encompass all visible and accessible areas of the home including attics and crawlspaces. About a day after your inspection, you will be provided with a complete report of all wood destroying organism issues discovered in your home including quotes for the items our firm can complete for you. This is the same inspection we perform for real estate transactions. The fees for this type of inspection are inclusive and not cannot be credited toward work. Please use the button below to request a quote for inspection.

Complete Inspection Quote Request